Vietnam Vet befriends an immigrant in Pittsburgh, Pa ( let's put it that way )

by Virgin

Now Ralph is not home.
Now Ralphie is gone.
The Vietnam Vet
with his furry pet.

He bought us a cake
( for God gracious sake )
for me & my wife
to start a new life.

He called me My Lad
& stopped for chit – chat
& told me ‘bout fights
for freedom & rights.

We had time so good
in our own neighborhood,
we raked our leaves
& talked ‘bout our kids.

When the Alzheimer came
he still was the same,
just deep in his eyes
rose blackness in tides.

When I saw him last
his time ran so fast:
“ Whatever you need –
I’m right, ‘cross the street “.

He looked up & smiled -
was chilly outside:
“ Me, Lad, I’m prepared,
So you, don’t get scared .

I had some great years,
no whining, no tears,
I’ve dreamt all my dreams
& and lived wearing jeans.

We built this country tough
with Bible & Love.
You, guys, do your best,
take care of the rest “.

He patted my shoulder,
I felt slightly older,
we strolled for a while,
the dog, me and his smile.

I walked Ralphie home.
Next day he was gone.
My friend with the pet.
The Vietnam Vet.

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