Publish your Poems


Poems and Poets does not accept e-mailed submissions directly. Poems and Prose texts should be published and managed by poets themeselves by creating individual accounts. The submitted poems should be published to the right author nationality or poem category.

Submissions to Poems and Poets are free and open to any poet or author, from big guns to the one who have had no luck getting her or his writtings published elsewhere. However, "Quality is King". Poems must be original.

How to Publish your Poems:
There is no need to query editors about submitting work. Submission status may be queried by email, but please allow four months before querying.

* Submit only one submission per genre and wait for a response before sending another. Additional submissions per genre will be ignored.
* Each submission must be submitted under separate category. That is to say, if you would like to send both a poetry and fiction submission, they each must submited in their own categories.
* Simultaneous submissions are okay, but we must be promptly notified of acceptance elsewhere.
* Include cover letter by beginning first to tell us more about you. A biography form is available online to send us your listing work titles, previous publications and awards, and a SHORT bio. For receipt confirmation, please include email address. Explanations of manuscript meaning, theme, or technique are not necessary.
* No handwritten, faxed, emailed, or poorly copied/printed manuscripts will be considered.
* We cannot consider work (other than book reviews) from anyone currently or recently affiliated with the Poems and Poets Anthology, which includes those who have been previously published or worked for the publisher within the past 4 years.

* Electronic Submissions: Please note that we cannot accept unsolicited email submissions. Submissions are open from September 15 to July 30th, you may submit work electronically by creating an account with our online submission manager. This method is strongly recommended.

Click here to submit work and biography online.

Our editorial staff will consider translations of poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. When submitting translated work, please include a copy of the original text and a copy of a letter of permission from the author and/or first-language publisher.