Regime Change

by Dr. David B. Axelrod


Thirteen-year-old Hamza’s parents
have posted pictures of their
dead son on the internet
to prove the torture instituted
by the Syrian regime. His knees
are crushed, his body mutilated.
His father fainted when he first
saw the corpse of his son.

Some say it’s time for action
but we are already fighting
three useless wars, pretending
to champion democracy—
or are they wars on terror;
or are they just ways to pump
money from the poor into
the pockets of the rich?

Hamza lies, shattered, on
a cotton blanket. Make yourself
look. War, torture? Pleasure
people feel when power
transcends reason. In the streets
people are chanting, “Kill
the child killers,” but
the battle to win is within.

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